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STRONGMAN Saturday-Deads-Farmers-Stone 5/23/20

Warm Up

Reverse Hypers 15x

Rope abs 15x


Axle Deadlifts

405 8x2

Farmers Carry

275/hand (No blet) 3x60ft

300 Stone Practice 3 reps


The axle deadlifts today were for more practice than strength building. Very happy with how the farmers felt. Fairly easy pick for not having a belt on and felt really good in the hands once all the way standing. The stone…. Ehh… The plan was to do 8 single EMOM style. On the fourth attempt I felt the stone roll backward. Either I was off center or biceping the stone OR BOTH! Not worth risking it. Called it a day. Still happy as this is the largest stone I’ve lifted in about 5 years! I didn’t even realize that fact until I was writing this up.

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