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Chest-Monday 5/25/20

Warm Up

Face Pulls 20x

GHR Sit ups 15x

Rope triceps 20x

Log Clean and 2 presses

255 8x2 EMOM - Dead - ugh lol

Barbell Incline

225 10x/6x/3x - After log, this felt heavy!

Flat Dumbbell Bench Press

60’s 20x/18x/12x

Band Flys


EZ Curls

75lbs 2x10


The Log training took it out of me for the rest of the workout. Logan woke up and wouldn’t stop crying so my bicep work got cut short. Kinda… He’s getting heavy so it worked out lol. Also, forgive the Gold’s shirt. But in my defense, this shirt is from the Mecca, Venice Beach Gold’s, so I’m still good.

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