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Legs & Yoke - Wednesday 5/27/20

Warm Up

Reverse Hypers 15x

Rope Abs 15x

SL Band Leg Curls 15x

Goblet squats 60lbs 15x

SSB Squats

385 2x6

405 2x

425 2x

445 2x

245 2x20! Ouch


205 2x6

135 2x20


Reverse Hypers

290lbs 5x10

Yoke 60ft

605lbs 6x (No Belt)


Decided to switch up my squats today from regular to Safety Bar. 385 felt like death. Got mad and decided to just keep going up. Approaching the bar with intensity helps...duh. Had a Zoom meeting and then hit some more training. Oh and btw, puked on the 20 rep squats.

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