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Strict Log Press-Shoulders & Triceps-Thursday 5/21/20

Warm Up:

Face pulls 20x

Reverse Hypers 10x

GHR situps 10x

Log Press

205 5x5 Strict

Single Arm Dumbbell Press

60lbs 3x10-12 slow and controlled

Barbell JM Press with Fat Gripz

115lbs 3x12-15

Rope tricep pushdowns 5x20

Giant Set:

Face Pulls 120lbs 10x

Shrug Raises 45’s 10x

Axle Upright rows 95lbs 10x

4 rounds


My left arm is definitely lagging in strength due to A) it simply being my left arm. B) That’s the arm my bicep ruptured. I need to add more single arm work to play catch up. Possibly the reason I’m having shoulder pain in that arm.

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