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Shoulders & Triceps 5/7/20

Lying rear delt flys:

10s 20x

30s 15x

45s 15x, drop to 30s 13x

45s 15x, drop to 30s 10x

Axle Military Press

70lbs 5x

130 5x

180 1x

200lbs 5x5

Giant Set:

Face Pulls 120lbs 10x

Dumbbell upright rows 45s 10x

Shrugs 315lbs 20x

3 rounds

9 way tricep extensions: (Bent over, Behind the neck, Pushdowns)



Straight bar

50lbs 15 to 20 reps each

JM Press:

Empty Bar 4x50


Had a great shoulder session today. No major pain in my left shoulder. Logan, my 2 year old, got crazy so I had to do the tricep work later in the day.

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