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Legs & Yoke Walks Wednesday 5/20/20

Warm Up:

Reverse Hypers 20x

GHR Situps 15x

Goblet Squats 30lbs 15x

Repeat 3x

Back Squats

135 6x

185 6x

225 6x

275 6x

315 6x

365 6x

405 6x

435 4x

Front Squats

275 3x8

SSB Good mornings

205 3x6

Yoke Runs

515lbs 60ft 10x


The past few weeks I haven't done much strongman training. I will be throwing some events in here and there to get ready for a few potential showings. 1) There will be an online qualifier for NAS nationals going on now until August. 2) There is a show July 18th I’m aiming for with a max log, axle deads for reps, zercher/sandbag carry and load, and a sled drag for time. Also, possibly another online qualifier for the Strongman Games. We will see about that one. Praying I stay injury free. I should as long as I train smart and not let my ego get the best of me but hey, I’ve never met a sane person who does this sport!

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