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Chest/Biceps Monday 5/4/20

Warm Up:

Barbell incline press 20x

Band pull aparts 20x

Band tricep extensions 20x

Repeat 2x

Barbell incline press

95lbs 6x

145 6x

195 6x

245 6x

265 6x, drop 245 3x, drop 195 3x, drop 145 7x

Football bar Flat Bench Press

95 10x

145 10x

195 10x, pause 3x, pause 2x, drop 145 8x

Dumbbell incline press

60lbs 12x, pause 4x, pause 2x

1 more rest/pause set

Band flys 3x12-15 squeeze every rep

Dumbbell incline curls

30s 15x

45s 4x, drop 30s 8x, drop 10s 15x

Repeat 1 more drop set

Axle Drag Curls

70lb 3x10-12

Hammer curls

45s 8x, drop 30s 8x

Repeat 1 more time


There is no particular contest in the near future but I will be training as if there is one in 12 weeks. That number may change later down the road. At the beginning of any training cycle I like to begin by focusing on hypertrophy and conditioning. For the next few weeks, that will be the main focus. Maybe not so much 1 rep max work but still lifting as heavy as possible. Lots of drop sets, rest/pause sets, maybe some super sets, anything to hit failure and beyond.

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