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Chest & Biceps Monday 5/18/20

Warm Up:

Face pulls 20x

Band Tricep Pushdowns 20x

Barbell incline press 20x empty bar

Repeat 3x


135 6x

185 6x

226 6x

275 5x rest/pause 1x

225 11x rest/pause 1x

Dumbbell Floor Press

105lbs 4x6

Dumbbell Inclines

75lbs 18x/ drop to 60s 6x

75’s 11x/ drop to 60s 6x

Incline dumbbell flyes

30s 3x12

Hammer curls

60s 8x/ drop 45’s 5x/ drop 30s 10x

Repeat 2x

Axle Reverse Grip Curls

45lbs 100 total reps in several sets

Axle Curls

45lbs 100 total reps in several sets


Added 1 rep to the barbell incline press this week. For bicep work, I decided to hit more forearms instead of all supidated work. I’ll probably be alternating week to week on this.

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