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Chest and Biceps 4/27/20

Warm up:

Band face pulls 20x

Band pushdowns 20x

Barbell incline press 20x

Repeat 2x

Barbell Incline Press

95lbs 20x

145 20x/20x/15x/10x/10x

Dumbbell flat bench press

60’s 5x10

TRX Pushups - Slow negatives and positives


Incline plate press

20lbs 4x20-30

Dumbell incline curls

30’s 3x8-12

TRX Curls


Band incline curls



After a few weeks of hitting heavy and/or explosive pressing, it’s time to take a week and focus on more rep work...bodybuilding style. This is my way of deloading. This week will focus on reps and spinal deload for recovery. BLOOD FLOW!!!

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