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Back Day 5/8/20

Wide lat pulls

100lbs 20x

150 10x

200 3x8, each set included a 5 second rest after 8 reps then did a few more reps.

Yate Rows

135 20x

185 15x

225 10x

275 3x10, rest pause on last set then finished off with 5 more reps

Axle Rack Pulls at knee

380 3x5 very controlled on the negatives

Dumbbell rows

105lbs 18x/12x/8x

Rope lat pulls 60lbs 5x20

45 degree back raises body weight (low back emphasis) 5x20


Since I had a good squat session this week I decided to just do rack pulls instead of full deadlifts. Week 1 in the books and it was solid. Not every workout you do needs to be all-out effort. Know your body. I rather see someone have 20 decent workouts instead of 1 misplaced, extreme workout and injure themselves and set them back several weeks or months. Oh and my dad decided to try to join in the fun lol.

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