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Axle Strict Press/Shoulders&Tris Thursday 5/14/20

Lying rear delt raises

60’s 10x/ drop 45’s 5x/ drop 35’s 5x

Repeat 2x

Axle strict press

95lbs 5x

155 5x

180 1x

210 5x5

Giant dumbbell strict press

15 total reps per arm in sporadic sets.

Giant set:

Face pulls 120lbs 10x

Shrug raises 30’s 8x

Farmers shrugs 200lbs/hand 5x

Repeat 3x

Rope behind neck extensions

60lbs 5x20

JM press with fat grips

95lbs 5x10

Incline dumbbell tate press

30’s 3x8


Strict press is on the rise again. Even though I do not strict press in competition, it builds a foundation for the log or axle to sit on the upper chest and shoulders. The more stable it is in the rack position the more power I can transfer to the bar when I switch to push press/jerk.

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