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Max Effort Log & Back Assistance - Thursday 4/23/20

Warm Up:

Reverse Hypers 20x

Lat pulls 20x

45 degree back raise 10x

Repeat 2x

Log Clean and Press

150 2x5

210 3x

260 1x

300 1x

320 1x

340 1x

230 2x8

150 13x

Pendlay Rows:

205 3x10

Dumbbell Rows:

105lbs 3x15/12/10

Lat pulls:

Wide 3x15

Underhand 3x15

Narrow 3x15

Barbell Drag Curls

45lbs 2x25


Hit a 340 log today for a recent PR. Not the most I’ve ever done but it’s the most in a while. The best part is it was done with more of a push press technique and less of a jerk technique So I know more weight could have gone up but right now the clean is the hardest part. Particularly from the ground to lap. Slowly but surely my back strength is coming back.

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