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Deadlift and Stone Work 4/17/20

Warm Up:

Reverse Hypers 20x

Dumbbell RDLs 20x

Cable Standing Abs 10x

Repeat 3x


135 2x5

225 3x

275 3x

315 1x

365 1x

405 2x

455 3x2

275 2x15

Pendlay Rows

185 3x8-10

Parallel Lat Pulls


240 Stone 8x3 EMOM

Dumbbell Curls- lots of reps with 45’s and 30’s ???


Deads felt really good. Could have gone heavier but there’s not an immediate reason to. Right now is more or less a time to rebuild my lower back strength from a series of injuries from the past couple years and a time to practice technique. Stone felt good as well. Will be getting a 300 pounder soon with a slightly larger diameter. Staying injury free is my number 1 priority these days.

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