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DE Upper with a heavy Push Jerk 4/20/20

Warm Up:

Dumbbell rear delt raises 25x

Band tricep extensions 25x

Cable standing abs, heavy with a 3 second pause 10x

Repeat 3x

Barbell Push Press

205 8x3 EMOM

Barbell Push Jerks

265 1x

315 1x

355 1x

405 miss

Steep Incline Press with Fat Gripz

225 13x/9x/4x wrist started to hurt. Fine now

JM Press with Fat Gripz to eyes

95lbs 11x/10x/10x/8x

Chest Support Dumbbell Rows

75lbs 12x/12x/10x/9x

Rope lat pulls


3 way shoulders w/25lbs each arm

Rear delts/side raises/military press 3x15 each

Med ball curls

30lbs 5x20-30


Wasn’t scheduled to do push jerks but just wanted to have a little fun. I could tell at 355 I had a little more in the tank but instead of trying for 375 I decided to skip and go straight to 405. I could tell when I unracked the weight it wasn’t going to go lol. Sometimes you just know. The rest of the workout was all higher rep, bodybuilding style work. In my lifting “career” I was at my strongest right after I did bodybuilding. This was for a couple reasons. 1) I wasn’t doing anything too crazy to hurt myself so stayed pretty injury free for a couple years. 2) Volume training is the foundation on which you can build solid strength on. I keep having to remind myself of these facts every time I start pushing the strength envelope.

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