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Log Press & Triceps 4/16/20

Warm Up:

Rope Face Pulls 25x

Rope Tricep Pushdowns 25x

45 degree back extensions 10x

Rope Standing abs 15x

Repeat 2x

Log Push Press

150 2x5

180 3x

210 3x

240 1x

260 1x

310 1 clean, 3 presses

210 1 clean , 11 presses

Close grip bench press with Fat Gripz

205 10x/8x/6x

EZ Incline Skulls

65lbs 18x/13x/12x

V-bar tricep pushdowns 5x20 light weight for the blood flow.


Trained at 8pm which is much later than I prefer so the whole goal was to just do the log and see how things felt. The big picture plan had upper back training on the menu but the time and log took it out of me. I decided to just hit a few tricep movements and get out.

I’ve always been decent at log pressing but I’ve never done more than 1 rep at a time after getting to the 300 mark. I mean, who doesn’t like trying to hit an all out max attempt. That was younger Brad. I’m not old by any means, 34, BUT in lifting years, I’m pretty up there. If I truly want to progress further, I have to be smart but also start doing things out of my comfort zone. I wish I had this mindset 10 years ago! Young guys reading this, you have the rest of your life to train and grow. DO NOT RUSH THE PROCESS! No 1 single workout determines your growth rate. It’sall about how long you can stay in the game.

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