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Front Squats & Posterior Chain 4/14/20

Warm Up:

Reverse hypers - 100lbs - 15x

GHR Sit ups - 15x

Kettlebell Squats - 25lbs - 15x

Repeat 3 times

Front Squats - 285lbs 4x5

Safety Bar Good mornings - 205lbs 4x6

GHRs - 1 band resistance 3x12/10/7

45 degree back extension 100 total reps for glutes, 50 total reps for lower back.

Primary Goal: Build up the hams, glutes and erectors (posterior chain)

Welcome to my first workout journal entry on the site! I know when I’m searching through articles, I don’t want to hunt for the meat and potatoes through the endless writings. The workout itself will be written first and any information I want to give will be at the bottom just like this entry.

If you follow along you’ll notice that each workout will be different from the others in some fashion. My training is instinctual and based on how my body and mind feels for the day. Some days I may have a light squat session planned but start to really feel good halfway through and turn it into heavy work and visa versa.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions about training or nutrition, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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