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Q: How much does it cost for a week of food?

It depends how many meals you need. Some customers just need G3 for lunches while some customers use us for 3 or even 5 meals a day. Our meals are sold individually.

Q: Do you deliver? 

As of right now we do not offer delivery unless it's a large order for a business. Our customers pickup food from our home location in New Caney on Monday evenings between 6 and 9pm. We provide Tuesday pickup upon request. 

Q: Do you make Keto meals?

Our meals are not based on any specific diet. We provide balanced meals in carbs, proteins and fats all properly proportioned; however, at times we may offer certain foods for limited times that fit specific diet strategies. Overall though, we do not believe in eliminating a certain food group.

Q: Can I make substitutions? 

Due to the nature and volume of our service, we cannot offer substitutions as this would drastically increase the time and organization of cooking, preparing and packaging. Some items on our menu offer a choice of vegetable. 

Q: Can you make custom meals to my specific macro needs?

Absolutely! If you are on a specific macro requirement set forth by a doctor or trainer, we can make you meals to fit your plan. It will be an uncharge but we can definitely work with you.

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